Long before I became anything else – a friend, partner, mother, or any other roles I have taken on – I was first and foremost someone’s child. I mean, isn’t that just the universal truth for everyone in this world? We came to being because our mothers gave birth to us, and we began our days as someone’s child, before we develop a more sophisticated sense of ourselves and take on more evolved identities as we go along.

This is the reason why, when I lost my father in July 2020, thirteen years after losing my mother, I hit an…

The legacy within me

Today marks a very special day. It’s the first day of the Ramadan fasting month for Muslims in many parts of South East Asia. I often look forward to this month because it allows me yet another chance to reflect on myself, my values and spirituality.

We began the day early at 5am, when my husband and I got up for our pre-dawn meal of oats porridge for him and a banana date smoothie for me. We often spend this time of the morning in silence, just savouring the quiet peace which is a rare occurrence…

2020 – the year I was lost at sea

Some time last year, at around this very date and at this very time if I recall correctly, I sat at my dining table with my newly unwrapped planner, which I had gifted myself at Christmas, feeling excited about writing down my initial thoughts for 2020.

It was a planner I had purchased from an online community and stationery brand in Australia called Leaders in Heels. …

There is no formula or template for grief.

When my father died on the night of July 7, 2020, one of the first few things I thought about an hour after processing the information and my emotions in that moment was what needed to be done next. We’re a muslim family so his funeral had to happen the very next day. I texted my closest friends, and then my colleagues to inform them. My siblings and I agreed on the time we would reconvene at my father’s house the next morning and how we would distribute the request for help…

Eulogy for my father

I looked around as I was sat in the living room of the house I grew up in this afternoon. Everything was still and silent, except for the fan which I had turned on to give this place some semblance of life. No longer was there the sound of the oxygen concentrator machine that my father had increasingly depended on the past several years. No longer was there the sound of him coughing up his sputum or beating his back with a stick to clear his airways to breathe. …

The art and science of keeping calm as a parent

It’s been a week since I am back from the hospital – with a new baby in tow. We officially began life as a family of four that day after I spent a couple of nights in the hospital away from my firstborn.

Looking back, I realise that you can’t really be fully prepared for a new addition to the family. While I had mentally prepare myself to be in labour last week, it’s still pretty surreal to be here in my bed at home with a newborn – my…


Hello. My name is Rasyida and this is my story.

Truth be told I gave up blogging or journaling many, many years ago. I’ve never been any good at keeping at it.

But here I am, having another go at it. Because my husband got me this pretty amazing gizmo for my birthday last weekend and I thought, well why not, let’s give this whole blogging thing a try again.

I’m a very proud and contented mama of 3-year-old little S. …

Rasyida Paddy

Mum, millennial, and metaphorical magician + juggler. I’m figuring myself out, and I write about the process of self discovery and transformation that I am on.

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